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The Bruski
From the double beads to the vinyl ribbed abdomen this fly was meant to sink and sink quickly. The rubber legs were incorporated into the Bruski as a means to give it a bit of action as it sat in the water column or was retrieved in front of a Pyramid Tadpole...
Pumpkin Heads
I learned to tie the Mohair Leech from Mike Andreasen while visiting the Wasatch Fly Tying Expo a couple years ago. After watching him play with his Mohair yarn to create a slim leech pattern...
Worms on a fly rod...Who'd have thunk it? The Copper Juan Worm
The Copper Juan Worm is a cross between a Copper John and a San Juan Worm that can be used during high water situations. Lance Dean of Fishbait's Fly Box demonstrates the tying of the Copper Juan Worm.
The "Deadly" Elk Hair Caddis
The Elk Hair Caddis is a classic dry fly that is deadly when fishing. It's effectiveness reaches out to both fastwater and stillwater. In this article Lance Dean explains why he likes the Elk Hair Caddis and how to tie it.
Tying the Humpy
Lance Dean of Fishbait's Fly Box discusses the Humpy and a few of its variations and ties one in a video demonstration.
Ike Berry and His Foam Beetle
Here is the history of possibly the most popular fly for fishing Pyramid Lake.
The Maholo Nymph
Rob Anderson used his innovation and creativity to modify the already deadly Pheasant Tail Nymph and created the Maholo Nymph, the Black Widow of Pheasant Tails.
Super X
The Super X is an attractor pattern that makes trout crazy. Check out this tutorial to see the list of materials that makes the Super X tick.
UV Juan
The UV Juan is a fly that was brought to life by Mickey Anderson. Find out how this simple fly is tied.
Tying the Provo Hooker
The Provo Hooker was created by Collin Carlson.  This awesome fly is not only fun to tie but it is also very effective for a number of fish species. So how does it tie up?  Read the tutorial and tie a few up to see for yourself.
Bunny Hopper 
The  Bunny Hopper is a fun quick tie. It's main ingredient is is a rabbit zonker strip. To see just how simple of a tie the Bunny Hopper is check out this tutorial.
The Traditional Adams
The Adams Dry Fly was the first dry fly I learned to tie. It has always been an effective pattern for trout. Check out what makes it the ideal first dry fly pattern to learn.
Copper John
The Copper John is one of the most popular flies in a fly fisherman's fly box. Some say it is a complicated tie. Check out this tutorial to find out for yourself.
Egan's Dart
Lance Egan ties many flies that are simple to tie, yet extremely effective and Egan's Dart is no exception. Find out why.

Hopper Juan
The Hopper Juan is a very effective hoppicator fly that not only floats high but also catches fish. Take a look at how Fishbait's Fly Box ties it up.
Peacock Nymph
The Peacock Nymph is a great first fly for someone learning to tie flies. Check it out!
Rainbow Warrior
The Rainbow Warrior is another awesome fly from Lance Egan. Discover how to tie it.
The Slumpbuster is a John Barr creation. It is a super effective streamer pattern that utilizes a squirrel strip. It may possibly be the stream of streamers.Take a look at this tutorial to see how to tie it.
Mayer's Micro Leech
Mayer's Micro Leech is a pattern developed by Landon Mayer that represents smaller leeches. Its a simple pattern that utilizes a material that is in my opinion sometimes overlooked. Find out what this overlooked material is.
Flash Bulb
Mickey Anderson's Flash Bulb is an effective and unique fly that needs to be in your fly box. Read this tutorial to find out why.
Clouser Minnow
The Clouser Minnow was created by Bob Clouser and is an effective fly for many species of fish. Take a look at what makes this fly tick.
Cave Lake Special
The Cave Lake Special is a fly that was specifically designed for Cave Lake. In this tutorial I tie the Cave Lake Special and discuss a couple theories of how fly fisherman select the color fly they want to fish.

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