About Fishbait's Fly Box

Fishbait trying to entice a Tiger Musky.
My name is Lance Dean.  There are a few things that have been a part of my life since before I can remember, fishing is one of them. My Dad introduced to fishing when I was very youngHe gave me a solid foundation in not only fishing, but also, along with my Mom, taught me how to be the individual I have become (which I hope is a help to society rather than a hindrance). Fishing is part of who I am.  I love it.  I want to share this passion with my children.  That is the purpose of Fishbait's Fly Box.  

Fishbait’s Fly Box was born because of my desire to leave something to not only my kids but to my future grandkids as well.  It is named after my youngest boy whose nickname is Fishbait.  My goal is to create videos of me tying flies so that they will always have something from me that shows me passionately involved in something that I love.  This site is dedicated to them.

This site will be a place that they can go to find many different things related to fly tying and fly fishing.  Essentially, I want it to be a place that my kids can go to find knowledge about fly tying and fly fishing. Hopefully, as this site gets older my kids will have a desire to share what they have learned about fly fishing or fly tying here. 

I do not do well as the center of attention, so the videos on this site may not meet the standards of a commercial fly tying video.  That is not my goal.  My goal in creating my videos is that I want it to seem like I am talking to my kids.  There will be plenty of “ahhs” and “umms” in my videos, but that is okay because my kids and future grandkids will see that I am not a camera person and therefore might get glimpse of who I am.  There will be plenty of thread broken because I don’t want anyone to think that I don’t make mistakes while tying and it gives me an opportunity to show my kids how to fix things like broken thread while tying a fly.

Fishbait trying to catch the "Big One".
I have mentioned that Fishbait’s Fly Box is for my kids, but as I was creating it I thought I would share it with the fly tying world as well.  I thought “why not” maybe something I have to share will be beneficial to someone else in the fly fishing/tying world.

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Lance A. Dean