PostFly June 2017

~By: Lance Dean | July 4, 2017

PostFly June 2017
Contents of the June 2017 PostFly Fly Tying Box

June 2017 PostFly Materials
Materials from the June 2017 PostFly
June’s Fly Tying PostFly is the fourth Fly Tying Box I have received from PostFly and it was a
pleasant surprise considering what April’s and May’s were.  I love Copper John flies.  The Copper John is my go to pattern and although I have enough materials to tie a thousand Copper Johns I was still excited to see such a cool pattern for the June PostFly Fly Tying Box.  The Zebra Copper John which is June 2017s fly is an awesome choice for a pattern period.  The ability of the Copper John’s ever effective way to attract fish has earned itself a prime spot in my fly box.  The version that comes in the Fly Tying Box is silver and red.  I wish it was the red and blue version like the one provided as a reference fly.

I only have a couple of complaints about this box:

1.    The reference fly does not match the fly that the materials provided tie. (As stated above)

2.    The instructions provided tie the Original Copper John rather than the Zebra Copper John. They both use slightly different techniques to tie and different materials to tie.

This month’s PostFly also included a cool pig sticker, the usual leader and a koozie.  Which isn’t very useful to me but I can see the usefulness to other anglers.

June 2017 Reference Fly
Reference Fly
Like I said, over all I am pleased with this box, especially when compared to the last two. A couple of recommened changes would be to make sure to match the materials to the reference fly, and put the right instructions to tie the correct version of the fly.  Maybe put the tutorial video of the fly on a DVD and put that in the box rather than type the instructions to a variation to the actual fly that uses different materials and techniques to tie

.  So I like two out of the four boxes I have received thus far and PostFly has made a step in the right direction compared to the last two boxes.  So, PostFly, I say bring on July’s box and let’s make it one to remember.

Zebra Copper John that I tied from the materials of the June fly tying box.
After tying the Zebra Copper John, I think this was a great choice for a fly tying box and with the exception of the instructions being off and the Zebra Copper John being silver and red rather than red and blue this was a great box.  Now if PostFly would do something about the consistency of instructions to materials they'd be in better shape.

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Here is the tutorial PostFly posted to their YouTube channel.

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