PostFly May 2017

~By: Lance Dean | May 21, 2017

PostFly May 2017

Now understand, this is my opinion, other “Tribe” members are going to feel differently.  Overall I feel that of the three boxes I have received, May’s was the worst box of the three.

With that being said, here it is May’s PostFly Fly Tying Box. Contents include:

  • May issue of The Fly Guide
  • 9’ 5x Leader
  • De-fishing Soap
  • PostFly Sticker
  • Maggie May Fly
  • White Thread
  • Marabou Thorax Material
  • Dubbing
  • Back Tail – Micro Fibbets or Paintbrush Fibers
  • Size 12 Hooks
  • Size 14 Hooks
  • Wings #M
  • Wings #S
  • Parawire – Copper
PostFly May 2017 Materials
May 2017 PostFly "Stuff"
I try to not be too, negative with reviews, but I am finding it hard to find anything positive with this box. Next to the anticipation of opening May 2017’s Fly Tying Box, the best thing that came from this box was the sticker and the leader.  I mean last month’s fly (Micro Stone) was a bit of a disappointment but it came with a useful Neck Gator.  March’s box was awesome with the Synthetic Clouser. May’s box had a disappointing fly and it came with soap.  REALLY… SOAP?! Come on Guys!  To top it off the materials used for the reference Maggie May were not the same materials given for you to tie your own Maggie May.  The instructions even used the materials used on the reference fly not the materials you get with the PostFly Box.  This isn’t the first time I have found discrepancies between the instructions and received materials.  April’s instructions explained how to tie the Micro Stone, but the reference fly wasn’t tied the same way the instructions explained it. May’s Maggie May reference fly utilized deer hair for a tail but instead you get either micro fibbets or paintbrush fibers; I can’t tell which.  This is the case with the wing as well.  You get to use micro fibbets or paintbrush fibers for that portion of the wing rather than the deer hair that the instructions call for or that used on the reference fly. The rib used on the reference fly is black and you get copper.  I think the black looks nice and I don’t think the copper is going to make the fly look quite as sharp.

These technicalities don’t make or break a fly, but when you are paying a subscription fee for these boxes, I don’t think these types of discrepancies are acceptable.  You’re essentially paying $16.66 per box with a 3 month subscription.  That’s enough money to buy the materials of a couple dozen of one my favorite patterns.

I started the PostFly subscription to check out the tying materials I’d get and to let you guys know what I think about this PostFly thing.  Month one was awesome. Month two was a bit disappointing and I chalked the disappointment up to the fact that you can’t please everyone. Month three… let’s just face the facts – it was a joke.

Maggie May
Maggie May
I don’t know if its denial or hope for improvement, but I am going to try another three month subscription.  So essentially, I am giving PostFly a chance to redeem themselves.  Hopefully, these boxes will improve and I will have the desire to keep paying for this subscription otherwise its BYE, BYE, PostFly!

I chose to not do a demonstration of the Maggie May due to the disappointment of May’s box and I just don’t have any desire to tie a half-baked Maggie May.  For a better look at the items that came in the May’s PostFly Fly Tying Box please watch the video below.

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