PostFly April 2017

~By: Lance Dean | April 28, 2017

 Last month (March) I shared the PostFly fly tying box with you. I am a bit late with April, but am still going to share.  April’s PostFly fly tying box contained the materials to tie the Micro Stonefly Rubberlegs.  With the exception of some wing case material, which was a cut up black garbage bag, the materials were of pretty good quality.  With the time they took cutting up the garbage bags they probably would have saved time by just cutting up some Thin Skin and thereby making the box a bigger bang for the buck.

Contents of the April 2017 PostFly fly tying box.
Contents of the April 2017 PostFly fly tying box.
The fly itself looks to be a cool fly; although, not quite as cool as the Synthetic Clousers of March or the Double Tungsten Batman that came in the trout fly box. Tying the Micro Stonefly Rubberlegs is pretty straight forward.  The instructions were written out well.  The only issue I had was that the reference fly that came in this month’s PostFly didn’t seem to be tied the same way that the instructions outlined.  The instructions say to wrap dubbing around the abdomen before wrapping the vinyl ribbing, but it appears that the vinyl ribbing was wrapped around the abdomen without the dubbing underbody on the reference fly. One other discrepancy with this box was that April’s PostFly fly tying box came with lead wire and I know having lead wire on a stonefly is pretty self-explanatory but it should have still been mentioned in the instructions for the fly.

Micro Stonefly Rubberlegs
Micro Stonefly Rubberlegs
You know, this month’s fly was cool, but not awesome.  I would have like to have seen something a bit different. Perhaps, something like the Double Tungsten Batman that came in the PostFly Trout Fly box.  The Double Tungsten Batman looks like a fun fly and worth the monthly subscription fee.

So, last month was the Synthetic Clouser and April’s was the Micro Stonefly Rubberlegs and although one fly was cooler than the other, they were both fun ties.  Hopefully, May’s PostFly fly tying box is better than this one.

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