PostFly March 2017

~By: Lance Dean | March 24, 2017

PostFly Box
Scan of my March 2017 PostFly Box

Pulling up to my Post Office, anticipation grabbed me.  I checked my box over and over ever since I received the notice that my little black box shipped.  I knew the box had to be sitting, waiting, wanting me to pick it up… today.  Today had to be the day.  I checked my mail box for the last three days in hopes that this little black box might show up early only to be disappointed.  So, today… I knew… it had to be there.  The anticipation overpowered me as I slid the key into the hole of my mailbox and turned.  I could almost feel the gears turn inside the their cylinder as the lock granted me access to the little black box that forced me to wait impatiently while it traveled from Massachusetts to Nevada in five days.  The door to my box swung open, I looked in, and…IT CAME.  It came…after waiting for almost a month my little black box finally came. I knew today was the day.   My PostFly box finally arrived.

Contents of PostFly March 2017
Contents of PostFly March 2017
The excitement didn’t end after opening my mailbox. Opening the actual PostFly box was a lot like opening a birthday present – very exciting.  I took my knife and cut the tape from the box and lifted the side to reveal the contents of my PostFly Box. The first thing I found was an issue of “The Fly Guide” – PostFly’s monthly newsletter. The Fly Guide contains various information about March’s PostFly Subscription – fly lists with pictures of the flies contained in each of the five March boxes, a few tips, a featured member section, a PostFly Dare, and a tutorial for the fly that can be tied with the materials received in the Fly Tying Box.  After removing The Fly Guide, I found a bag of materials. On the front of this bag was a picture of three Synthetic Clouser's Minnows – beautiful flies.  Inside the bag contained a spool of thread that had three different colors wrapped around it, six size 8 streamer hooks, 6 size 6 streamer hooks, krystal flash, tinsel, bead chain eyes, five small packages of flash fiber and a Clouser's Minnow Fly for a visual reference I’m sure. Underneath the glorious bag of materials, I found a micro fiber cloth for cleaning sunglasses, a cool PostFly sticker and a 9’ 4x leader.

So we know what came in the PostFly box so let’s discuss what PostFly is. PostFly is a mail subscription where fellow fly fisherman pays a monthly fee to PostFly to get a little black box that has flies or fly tying materials on a monthly basis.  Based on my circumstances and not knowing what to expect from PostFly, I decided to try the three month fly tying subscription.  Now, don’t get me wrong I didn’t just jump on the PostFly band wagon, I did do some research on PostFly before I jumped in the mail order fly tying/fishing subscription world.  I found some reviews and for the most part I was pleased with what I found. The only problem I had with these reviews was that most of them were for the fly boxes rather than the fly tying box, which is what I was interested in.  The only other place I found anything about the PostFly Fly Tying box was directly at the PostFly website. I feel there is an issue with getting information from the website about the specifics of these boxes, like how many flies does each box come with or how are materials selected for the Fly Tying box.  I was concerned that the Fly Tying box was just going to come with a bunch of random materials.  I found it to be a huge relief when I found out that the Fly Tying box comes with the materials to tie a specific pattern and it was a bigger bonus to find out that it came with enough materials to tie a dozen of those patterns.

Subscribing to Post Fly is easy to navigate and pretty self-explanatory. When you go to the PostFly website the first thing you want to do is click on the “Catch More Fish” button near the bottom of the page.  After you click this a new page comes up. This is where the decisions come into play.  You’ll be able to choose from five different boxes.  These boxes are directed towards a specific type of fly fishing and are as follows:

  • Trout Box
  • Warmwater Box
  • Saltwater Box
  • Salmon Steelhead Box
  • Fly Tying Box
After you select what box you want you’ll be asked about a “Subscription Term”. Here you will decide how long you want your monthly subscription to last.  You get four options:
  • Monthly
  • 3 - Month
  • 6 – Month
  • 12 – Month
The monthly option will run you about $19.00 a month and you get a bit of a discount for a longer term. The 3 – Month term is $49.00, the 6 – Month is $89.00 and the 12 – Month will run you $169.00.

Synthetic Clouser Minnows
Synthetic Clouser Minnows for March 2017
According to PostFly if you order before the 15th of the month you can plan on receiving you PostFly Box that month, but if you wait ‘til after the 15th your PostFly box will not be shipped ‘til the next month.  I also found out that PostFly ships their boxes by the 20th of each month. This is great information to help keep you from wondering when you will get your PostFly box.
 This is the first month of my PostFly subscription and I find myself asking and you are probably asking - Are the costs worth it? I think March of 2017 was, but this is only the first one I have received.  I’ll let you know if my opinion changes at the end of my 3 – Month subscription.  STAY TUNED…

Meanwhile, tell us in the comments about your experiences with fly subscriptions services and enjoy the video “show and tell” of my March 2017 PostFly box and tying demonstration.
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