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~By: Lance Dean | December 27, 2016

Top 5 Fly Tying YouTube Channels
ly tyers have always enjoyed watching the occasional tying video at some point or another during their fly tying adventure.  Many of us remember and perhaps still have some of Jack Dennis’s tying videos, where he and some of his “friends” showed us how they tied some of their favorite patterns. With technology the way it is today, those old VHS tapes are a thing of the past.  Today we find and enjoy most of our fly tying videos on YouTube.  I myself have a YouTube channel that I not only upload videos to, but I also get my fly tying video fix through. Currently, I am subscribed to 36 different channels 34 of which are fly fishing related.  In this article I want to share what I feel are the top five Fly Tying Channels.

The criteria which I followed when picking these channels where as follows:

•    Does the channel upload regularly, meaning more than just a few times a year?
•    Do they currently have enough videos to keep a new subscriber occupied for a couple hours?
•    Video quality – the videos are focused and close enough to the fly to see what is being done to tie them? 
•    Are directions given in an understandable way?  This doesn’t mean that the person demonstrating can’t say “umm” or pause here and there during the video after all this is YouTube.  If I was looking for a production tutorial I would pay for tying DVDs. Quality directions just need to be given whether by sight or sound.

So, in no particular order of good, better or best, here we go…

Fly Fish Food

Fly Fish Food LogoThe Fly Fish Food channel houses tons of reviews, tips and fly tying tutorials.  Clark “Cheech” Pierce and Curtis Fry are the tyers responsible for the Fly Fish Food channel.  Currently they have over 14,000 subscribers and probably that many videos – not really, but they have a lot to offer.

The biggest thing I enjoy about this channel is the overwhelming amount of innovation these guys include with their tutorials. It seems like they often have shared a different technique to tie in a material like the “complex twist” they use on a few of their patterns or some tool they created or helped create to make a technique easier to preform like spool minders or Gator Clips.

Fly Fish Food's YouTube Channel can be found at :

Tim Cammisa

Trout and Feather LogoTim Cammisa from Trout and Feather has an excellent channel.  Tim Cammisa has over 11,000 subscribers and tons of tutorials. Tim is extremely professional in all of his tutorials and takes the time to thoroughly go over the fly as he ties it.

In his tutorials he offers a bit of insight into the fly and offers strategies to fish it to his viewers.  Tim is also known to change a material or two for different approach to the tying of the fly.  Whether he adds a substitute material or just offers a different way to tie it in, Tim’s insight is always appreciated.

Tim Cammisa's YouTube Channel can be found at :

Fly Fishing the Ozarks with Brian Wise

Fly Fishing the Ozarks LogoFly Fishing the Ozarks is brought to us fly tyers' by Brian Wise and is another favorite channel of mine.  Brian’s channel has over 10,000 subscribers and almost a hundred videos most of which are streamer tutorials.

The unique thing about the Fly Fishing the Ozarks channel is that he uses only music for sound during his demonstrations.  Through a bit of slow motion and fast motion Brian shows us the materials and techniques he uses while tying the fly in such a way that a fly tyer can still tell what he is doing as he ties the fly. Fly Fishing the Ozarks with Brian Wise is definitely a channel worth checking out if you haven’t already.

Fly Fishing the Ozarks YouTube Channel can be found at :

Philip Rowley

Fly Craft Angling Logo
Philip Rowley’s channel is a more traditional channel.  Currently he has 61 videos uploaded to his channel and just over 2,500 subscribers.  It appears that he has had his channel for roughly four years and most of his videos have been uploaded in the last two.

Philip Rowley is a Stillwater expert and most of his tying demonstrations are based around Stillwater patterns. The intro to a lot of his tutorials take me back to when I was a kid, sitting and watching in-fisherman on TV with my dad. This in combination with the fact that Philip Rowley has many flies that represent many types of stillwater trout food makes this channel one every fly tyer should be subscribed to.

Philip Rowley's YouTube Channel can be found at :

In the Riffle

In The Riffle Logo
In the Riffle’s YouTube channel currently includes tons of tying tutorials and many other fly fishing videos.  In the Riffle has more videos uploaded to their channel than I am willing to count.  They seem to update 2-3 times a week and have over 33,000 subscribers.  That’s a lot of footage for a fly tyer to watch.  I have not found too many flies that In the Riffle doesn’t have a tutorial on.

In The Riffle's YouTube Channel can be found at :

There are many channels that are very good to pick up new patterns or techniques, these are just a few.  Unless you have ever tried to do a tying demonstration one can not truly understand the time, stress or even the enjoyment that comes with keeping a channel updated.  These guys deserve an applause for the time and effort they put into their channels.  Thank you, Fly Fish Food, Tim Cammisa, Brian Wise, Philip Rowley, and In the Riffle for your dedication to keeping the addicted fly tyer entertained and educated.

By the way my channel can be found here

As I said there are many fly thing channels on the web both YouTube and Non-YouTube.  What are some others that we need to check out?

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  1. Thank you for the kind words, and there are some other excellent channels you recommended!

  2. Great write up. There are many more out there that could be included in your list but I think one that definitely belongs there is Davey McPhail's channel. His tying skills are incredible as well as the flies he ties.

    1. Thanks Dave, for the compliment and for the recommendation. Davie MacPhail's channel is a great channel, it's just not one of my favorites.

    2. Just personal know...LOL

  3. Great list! Love all those channels.

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