~By: Lance Dean | October 6, 2014

All I can say in regards the Slumpbuster is WOW!!!  Over the 2014 Father’s Day weekend I took my boys fishing to a mountainous lake here in Nevada where I fished the Slumpbuster for the first time.  The trip started out chilly and pretty slow.  The high, thick weeds made fishing from shore difficult.   I caught a fish here and there but it wasn’t until a couple hours into our four hour trip that I tied on a Slumpbuster. That’s when things became particularly enjoyable.   What started out as a slow few hours fishing, turned into a dozen or so rainbow trout and largemouth bass falling victim to my Slumpbuster.  Biting fish always make a good trip better and that is what was going on here. 


rom the moment I laid my eyes on the Slumpbuster, (which was in a box of flies that my Dad tied for me as a gift one Christmas) I wanted to tie it.  The Slumpbuster is one of three streamers found in John Barr’s book “Barr Flies”.  Fish find the copper or gold cone and the sparkle braid underbody of the Slumpbuster attractive.  These attributes along with the natural look the squirrel strip on the Slumpbuster, not only attracts me, but it also entices many fish to bite in tougher fishing situations.

Tying this fly is relatively straight-forward and is a fairly simple fly. The most difficult step when tying the Slumpbuster is wrapping the Ultra Wire around the squirrel strip and the hook shank.  Be careful not to trap any squirrel fibers under the Ultra Wire. When finishing the Slumpbuster, John Bar does not use a finishing knot on the Slumpbuster, he lets the super glue inside the cone secure everything in place by pushing the cone to the squirrel strip then cutting the thread. I prefer to quickly do a whip finish and then push the super glued-filled bead to the squirrel strip.  It just makes me feel better knowing that it has a whip finish on it.

Let me know what your favorite streamer is in the comments.

So, without further delay, here is Fishbait’s Fly Box’s video tutorial of the Slumpbuster.

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Materials List: 

TMC 5263 size 4
UTC 70 - Olive
Large - Copper
Sparkle Braid – Peacock
Squirrel Strip – Olive
Squirrel Strip - Olive
Brassie Ultra Wire - Chartreuse


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