Super John

~By: Lance Dean | July 21, 2013

As I have begun to tie flies over the last month, I found a fly at a fly shop called “Batman”.  It is essentially a purple Bead Head Rubber Legged Prince Nymph. After doing some research on the fly, I found one that Vince Wilcox created that is different than the fly I found. Here is a link to his super hero flies.    His is more blue than purple, includes a dubbing collar rather than a hackle collar and has hackle legs rather than rubber.  I like the version that I found at the local fly shop more than Vince Wilcox’s version.  As I sat and tied a couple of these flies, I thought about doing a version of a superman fly.  Again, Vince Wilcox created a Superman fly as well.  I did not like the look of this fly so I didn’t even try to tie one and started to think about a fly that I thought would complement the Batman Nymph.  What I came up with was a variant version of a Copper John.  Copper John is my favorite fly so why not adapt it to my favorite super hero.  I guess it could be called the “Super John”.  The Super John is basically a Rubber Leg Copper John that has red peacock herl rather than dubbing and six legs rather than four (four legs are rubber and two legs are red hackle fibers).

Super John

Super John

The recipe for my Super John is:

Hook: TMC 2499SP-BL (size 10-18)

Bead: Gold tungsten

Weight: Lead wire

Thread: Red 70-denier Ultra Thread

Tail: Red goose biots

Abdomen: Med blue Ultra Wire and small red Ultra Wire

Wing Case: 1/8" red scud back and silver tinsel coated with 5 min. epoxy

Thorax: Red peacock herl

Legs: Medium yellow round rubber legs and red saddle hackle

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