Fly Tying Station

This is my fly tying station.  The station itself was a DIY project made with 2x4s and a piece of ¾ inch plywood I had left over from my aquarium canopy build.  It does its job.  Eventually I will build a bigger better one when I have the room, which may be never.  My desk is just my hobby desk that I use for my many hobbies.   I use a couple of plastic drawers for my materials.  The problem is that my materials are out growing my drawers.  I really need to get a couple more.  One thing that I want to change is the black of the desk top.  My Dad’s station has a white top.  He found some strips of white counter top material that was self sticking and just covered the top of his desk with them.  I think that I am going to see if I can find something similar for mine.  My vise is a Peak Rotary vise.  I bought it a couple of weeks ago.  I am very impressed with it.  The rotary feature of a vise is something new to me and I like it.   I have tied about twenty flies on this vise.  My old one was simply beginners vise it was fine to learn some of the basics but I wanted something a little better.  The vise I really want and will never be able to afford is a Renzetti Traveler 2300, mostly because my Dad used a Renzetti.   I use a few books for reference, my favorite ones are Barr Flies by John Barr and Fly Tying Basics by Charlie Craven.  These guys are amazing. Over the years I have accumulated many tying tools.  I have tools that I will probably never use, but hey, I guess that I have them if I need them.

At any rate, I want to get back to tying flies.  So, catch you later.

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