Bunyan Bug

~By: Lance Dean | July 15, 2013

Bunyan Bug

If anyone has seen A River Runs Through It, then they probably noticed that on the last fishing trip Norman and Paul went on they were using what they called a Bunyan Bug, more specifically a “Bunyan Bug Stonefly #2”.  Over the past couple of weeks I was wondering what this fly looked like, so I did what every other person would have done and Googled it.  I discovered that it was a fly that was created by a man named Norman Means, was part of a series of different flies that Mr. Means created, the body was made from cork and it had horse tail fibers for wings.  When I seen that it was made of cork I realized that it wasn’t going to be a very efficient use of my time to try and tie one.  I continued to research the Bunyan Bug and found that a gentleman named Larry Jurgens developed an updated version of the Bunyan Bug he called the “3rd Millennium Bunyan Bug”.  Although Jurgens’ Bunyan Bug was almost completely different than the original I wanted to tie it.  Jurgens' Bunyan Bug is made with foam rather than cork, has synthetic hair for the wings and has a tail and antennas.   I thought that it looked really cool and decided to try and tie it.  My version is a bit different.  My Bunyan Bug does not have as many segments and I think that the foam I cut is a little wider than Mr. Jurgens.  It looks a little meatier with slightly wider foam.

Pictured above is my version of the Bunyan bug.  To read about Larry Jurgens' Bunyan Bug, follow this link:  http://frontrangeanglers.com/newsletter/april05/bunyanbug.htm

Here is the recipe to my version of Larry Jurgens Bunyan Bug:

Bunyan Bug

Hook: TMC 5263 (size 2-8)

Thread: Danville’s 210 Denier – Yellow

Tail and Antenna: Extra Small Round Rubber - Black

Overbody: 2mm Foam – Black

Underbody: 2mm Foam – Yellow (2 Pieces)

Rib: Danville’s 210 Denier – Yellow

Wings: Antron Yarn – Bright White

  •             The thread and rib should be the same color as the Underbody.
  •                 The width of the foam should be the same width as the hook gap.
  •                 The Overbody and Underbody should be cut to look like a wooden coffin.
  •                 Use super glue to glue foam together.

Well, I think that will do it. I am going to go tie flies.

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