The Bruski is a pattern created to get flies down quickly. The creation of the Bruski came about from a problem..."Bruski"


~By: Lance Dean | November 7, 2017

Two Bruski ready to attract BIG fish!

The Bruski is a pattern created to get flies down quickly.  The creation of the Bruski came about from a problem I was having while fishing Pyramid Lake.  You see at the time the only fly line I owned was a floating line and I wanted to fish deeper depths faster then my current setup allowed and because I didn't want to fork out eighty dollars for a decent sinking line I decided to tie something heavy. That "something heavy" tuned into the Bruski.

Just finished Bruski
From the double beads to the vinyl ribbed abdomen this fly was meant to sink and sink quickly. The rubber legs were incorporated into the Bruski as a means to give it a bit of action as it sat in the water column or was retrieved in front of a Pyramid Tadpole or other similar streamer.  Another detail that the Bruski has to offer is the wire ribbing and the flash along the top of the abdomen. These features were added to the Bruski to help garner attention to its profile rather than only its head. The dubbing applied to the thorax helps give the Bruski a bit of bugginess. Originally, the Bruski was tied using goose biots but I switched to pheasant tail fibers for the simple reason that the pheasant tail gave the Bruski a classier look.  Settling on a hook for this pattern was a challenge that plagued me for quite some time.  I needed something that would look good and proportioned when tied on a hook.  The Bruski needed something with a wide gap because I was concerned that vinyl ribbing that the bruski  would make the gap too narrow causing missed hits from hungry fish. I tried everything from TMC 5262 to oversized TMC 3761s I finally settled on the Gamakatsu B10S because I felt that the hook kept the Bruski proportioned without over crowding the gap of the hook.  I generally tie the Bruski in a 12, 10 and 6.  How big of a Bruski I fish with is determined by how fast I want my flies to sink.

The larger the Bruski the faster the flies sink.


HOOK: Gamakatsu B10S size 6
BEADS: 1/8" Copper 3/16" Black
WEIGHT: .020 Lead Wire
THREAD: UTC 140 Black, UTC 70 Fl. Chartreuse
TAIL: Pheasant Tail Fibers
RIB: Ultra Wire - Small - Copper
ABDOMEN: UTC D-Rib - Med - Blk
Holo-Tinsel - Copper - Small
WINGCASE: Pheasant Tail
THORAX: Green Caddis Ice Dub
Cahen's Carp Dub - Martian Mean Green
LEGS: Silli-Legs - Pumpkin Speckled
OTHER: UV Glue, Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails